Wednesday, August 11, 2010

demoralized Judaism

As Rosh Hashana looms, as well as the start of a new school year I have become demoralized. I am committed to having a Jewish home and family, but the financial burden of doing so has simply become too much. We do not drive fancy cars, we do not own a huge house (we do not even own a house yet and given yeshiva tuition we may never be able to), we do not go on fancy vacations. I do allow myself a few luxuries, but they are few an far between. I see people blogging about not needing such fancy things and not needing the best of everything, i don't think these people really get it. I am not talking about getting an Ipad or even an Iphone, i am talking about being able to pay our electric bill versus buying RH seats. I've been told that preschool is a luxury, what am i supposed to do keep my child home until she is 5? Who will she play with? All the other children her age are in school. I am not begrudging the institutions the money they need to function, the shuls and schools do need to be financially viable. I am also not expecting a few wealthy people to carry the entire community. However something does need to happen. Whether we follow the Talmud Torah model where the children go to public school in the morning and have Talmud Torah in the afternoon, or follow the Kehilla model where each family gives 10% (maaser) to the Kehilla and the funds all the Jewish institutions or some other yet to be discussed model, something has to change.  People can not maintain this lifestyle any longer. Something very basic in our community has to change. I don't have all the answers, i don't even have some answers, but i know i am not alone in my feelings and hope that instead of rehashing the problem, we come up with some viable solutions.


  1. I recommend reading financial blogs, especially Orthonomics both to try and help improve your budgeting and for lively discussions of alternatives to the present Yeshiva system.

  2. Larry,
    i checked out that blog which i didn't find overly helpful, but for budgeting, someone recommended the following blog to me. and i have found it to be really great!