Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Has anyone else had it with three day yom tovs??

I feel like my life has been non stop insanity the past few weeks. Yom Tov/Chol/Yom Tov/Chol/yom Tov/Chol Hamoed/Yom Tov,  it's just crazy! As much as I love the Jewish Holidays I really wish they would be spaced out better. It's so hard on everyone, especially the kids. I don't know about everyone's kids, but most like routines and it's hard to maintain them during the chagim. No matter how hard we try the routines are just not the same. Especially if you go away for any part of Yom Tov, that just adds to the mess. I will be really glad when we can get back to normal!
But until then, I will blog about how our yom tov's are going. RH was a little nuts as my oldest daughter was sick for most of it, which made things that much more exciting :). YK was fairly standard, my husband went to shul and took older daughte with him. I stayed home with the baby, which was not too bad, considering the weather was ok and she was in a good mood. First days Sukkot we went to my parents which is always exciting. My husband, baby and I stayed at a friend's house, while my oldest stayed at my parents. (hmm there is an interesting post idea, going to parents for shabbat and yom tov). Now we are home preparing for the final hurrah of the season, AKA Simchat Torah, which i think will be a lot of fun as my daughter is old enough to appreciate it. I really love watching her grow up and enjoying doing all the Jewish things. It's just so nice to hang up her first Sukkah decoration or hear her sing the Mah Nishtana for the first time. Those are the times I realize that it is all worth it, the sacrifices we make it and what we do so that our kids can have a real Jewish education, so I guess I just answered my own question, yes Jewish education is worth the price, because raising a Jewish neshama is priceless! (But I still believe it should be more affordable!!)
I am looking forward to getting back to normal and back into our routine, but I am glad we have these chagim to nourish our spirituality and warm our souls, and I am glad we have friends and family to share them with!

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